May 6, 2013

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I really enjoyed Iron Man 3. I like to think about what kind of matchup he’d be with the likes of Batman. Both are rich, both have no real powers to speak of. They just make really cool shite and fight the bad guys with it. So, who wins in a fight?

29 Responses to Comparisons

  1. Dylan says:

    Batman has a plan to take out each member of the Justice League should he need to. He has to have a plan for the Avengers as well.

  2. Shaun Bloom says:

    Great comic. I saw Iron Man 3 on Friday night and loved it. Even though both Batman and Iron Man are awesome…my vote is for Iron Man. He’s shown he can kick ass both in and out of the suit while still cracking some funny jokes.

  3. Espi says:


    only for the reason that i’m a fanboi…

  4. ironic name says:

    superman wins.

  5. Bill Murphy says:

    Hey, those Fruit Bats are quite aggressive!

  6. Ken says:

    Wow you are a brave man. I didn’t know dissing Batman on the internet was even allowed.

  7. Clay says:

    Triangle wins.

  8. WyvernWulf says:

    Batman wins.

    Because if fruit bats are the extent of his fear, he can take on the wormholes that Iron Man can’t deal with. 🙂

    … and because he’s Batman.

    Love the comic as always, Scott 😀

  9. Imzee says:

    If Batman is the greatest detective alive and is afraid of fruit bats then I’M afraid of fruit bats. He knows something…

  10. dethmunky says:

    Iron man at least knows enough to cover his mouth and eyes with bullet proof armor. How has nobody managed to shoot Batman in the face yet. That’s like his Kryptonite.

  11. Rogersingh says:


    Tungsten ring’s used for men’s 6mm for design

  12. Jack says:

    All batman would have to do is take out Jarvis… he seems to be the one controlling the suits that Tony isn’t in. Once that’s out of the way…

  13. Nitemare says:

    Iron Man.
    When Bane broke Batman’s back, Bats had to recover. When Iron Man’s suit broke, he just called for more suits.
    Plus, he bedded a ginger. Don’t see Bats doing that do we?

  14. Moobie says:

    Some of those fruit bats have rabies! :O

  15. Donnerberg says:

    Ironman has guns. Batman doesn’t have guns. Ironman wins.

    • Alexandr says:

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  16. Sartavius says:

    Depends… in a brash and head on confrontation I say Iron Man. But if it’s a more thought out battle with planning done ahead of time I have to give it to Bats.

    I’m sure Lucius could whip up a BatMan Mark X suit if necessary. In that case, I’m pretty sure the fight would go on for days and whomever had the better power source would win.

  17. Joe says:

    I love Iron man but he ALWAYS seems to have a power problem.

  18. The Zark says:

    I agree with Sartavius. In a straight up sudden match Iron Man has the advantage. But if Batman had time to study Iron Man then he’d probably get all the necessary special gadgets before hand. Even then, Iron Man would still have a chance because of all of the advanced stuff his armor usually has.

  19. Imzee says:

    If it were movie Batman vs. Ironman… Ironman would take it. (exception of the Adam West Batman… he’s simply unstoppable :P)

    If it were comic Batman vs. Ironman… I’d put money on Batman.

  20. Lavaskajunkie says:

    Iron Man FTW!

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