June 30, 2015

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I still think it’s a little odd that MS jumped right over 9 to 10 in their numbering convention for Windows. What was it about 9 that didn’t do the job? It’s not a particularly ugly number. It’s not a low number. It’s rather penultimate in nature, but I’d see that as a good thing. Is it possible there was a 9, but it sucked so bad, they just leaped over it in favor of whatever was better about 10?

Strange. Nonetheless, I am pretty excited about 10. Seems like they are doing a lot of the right things this time around…stuff people want and need out of a modern OS.

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6 Responses to Middleware

  1. Aye, it sounds like a plan to keep programs written by lazy programmers from thinking they’re on Windows 9x.

    Maybe this means somewhere down the road they’ll skip from Windows 29 to Windows 40. (Unless there’s something written for Windows 2.x that still matters!)

  2. Keith Gould says:

    Welcome to how twisted marketeers think.

    It’s all about a desperate need to seem to be as hip and advanced as Apple (never thought I’d have the opportunity to write that). 9 is, after all, less than 10. Microsoft couldn’t possibly release something less than Mac OS 10.

  3. Vake Xeacons says:

    (sings)”Naugh-ty, nas-ty, mean old numba Ni-yi-yi-yiiine!”

  4. Jack says:

    Some folks actually thought 8.1 was windows 9… These are also the people that thought that if you installed 32 bit twice you would have 64 bit…

  5. Yue says:

    Because of compatibility issues. With older softwares not working properly due to devs just putting ” 9* ” instead of 95/98/98se or whatever into their programming. So say you try to use such software on Windows 9, it will think you’re using an ancient version of windows and potentially just crash because some OS dependency are no longer present.

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