Comic: “Kinectimals”

June 21, 2010
Comic: “Kinectimals”

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Parents beware. 🙂 (No idea what this comic is referring to? Use this internet type link to find more.)

EDIT: hehe. Seems Tim and I were on the same wavelength yesterday. 🙂

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  1. Abovan says:

    I just can hear a little tiger cub growling out “Headshot!”

  2. CDRaff says:

    Love it. Kinda like that idea, especially for kids who live in small apartments and can not have animals.

    I do dislike how the “hardcore” crowd hates casual games. I really do not understand what this mentality that a company has to be all hardcore or they will be berated by every basement jockey. It would be STUPID for Sony and Microsoft to ignore the motion and casual market. Hardcore gamers do not have to buy the motion stuff, it is all optional.

    Also in the long run this is better for the hardcore gamer. It gets the hardware and games into the hands of more people, which will in turn bring the price down. Also if these are successful the companies can be guaranteed their money, and possibly take more risks when it comes to hardcore games.

    • Dramble says:

      I’ve never heard anyone judge a company this way. Talking about the Microsoft press conference people were just angry because they showed a few great hardcore games and then the rest of it was stuff we got from the Wii years ago. Just Dance has never made me like Assassin’s Creed less. However, I think I have the right to say that Zynga sucks because the only games they make are poorly designed, casual affair.

      Next, Sony and Microsoft are being put down because they are entering the motion market FAR too late, and the majority of the games being made, as I said before, are carbon copies of games for the Wii. And no, hardcore gamers really only have a choice in the matter until a great game comes out exclusively for motion control, when their choice becomes spend FAR too much money on 1 good game, or not get to play the good game.

      Finally, no. because the consoles are being sold at a loss, especially with the PS3, the hardware will not go down, and If price is such an important thing, then you could have just bought your stuff 2nd hand anyway.

      • CDRaff says:

        Maybe we follow different crowds and that is why you are not hearing some of the same stuff that I have when it comes to people berating Microsoft and Sony. I really have nothing to say to that.

        As for the Zynga comment, I think that you saying they suck is a matter of personal opinion, I have the same opinion, but that does not change the fact that they are good for gaming. I know WTF how are they good for gaming. Because they bring more gamers. More gamers is a good thing, the more gamers, the more money spent on games, the higher quality, so on and so forth.

        I do not think that Sony and Microsoft are entering the market FAR too late either. Both these companies have done their market research, and obviously believe that the market is ripe for the picking. These are multinational companies and DO NOT do things on a whim.

        I think that it is a great move for these companies. I am 28 years old, and many of my friends have kids at the age that these kinds of games are perfect. These are guys that have either PS3s or 360s, and don’t have the desire to have a Wii in there house(They are Hardcore and mostly poor), these are perfect games for their kids. You may not be at the point in your life (and may never be at the point), to have to decide what to buy with very little money, and not have every thing that you want(being a responsible adult in the real world sucks.). The fact is that these add-ons will be cheaper that the Wii is, and since these guys do not have Wiis these games are all new to them.

        As for good games coming out on these devices, that may be true but I think Rock Band is a good game and had to pay a premium to play that game. If I don’t pay that premium I don’t get it. These kinds of things come along, and much like you pointed out in your last sentence: “If price is such an important thing, then you could have just bought your stuff 2nd hand anyway” right?

        Lastly this will drive the price of the consoles down in the long run. From the figures that I could find, the newest in January of 2009, the PS3 looses about $50 a unit and the 360 breaks even. This will not last forever, especially if more units are sold. Thus the price will come down, it will not be immediate but it will happen.

  3. Foxlore says:

    I’m still not totally sold on the who Kinect idea yet. The price point is high and I have not seen any games that would sell me on it. And to be honest, I don’t think the connect will work for big established titles like Gears of War or Assassin’s Creed. If they can get some fun family games (like the Wii) then I think it will work…but I would not get one myself unless the price came down (or I needed a new Xbox).

    Scott – Wondering if you received the ‘bumper order’ (and follow up email) I placed last week.

  4. PACrivellaro says:

    Where’s Milo? Natal looked awesome when she was interacting with the little boy…

  5. m00ngoat says:

    You happen to read CAD? They did exactly the same thing, just more graphical 😉

  6. simon freak says:

    this reminded me instantly of

  7. Vogie says:

    Until I read the word “Kinectimals”, I honestly was excited about a Kinect X-Men game…

  8. BryanDavidWilliams says:

    The red ring of death is now displays on your face.. sweet.

  9. whittaker says:


  10. Richard says:

    Time for another battle of the creative minds!

  11. Artura says:

    It’s entirely the kids fault as the kinect doesn’t work at all properly for gesture based games if your sitting down so no sympathy from me.

  12. Mad-Bassist says:

    We sure have come a long way since Petz.

  13. Rezlow says:

    That’s why I come here. All the humor without the graphic gore. Much more geeky-insider feel to the joke too. Good show old bean. (Tim’s was funny too, different styles, love ’em both.)

  14. digisam says:

    I find it disturbing the way the animals “smile”. Creepy

    • Morgan says:

      Hey, I’m following your Posts for a few days now and i like the way your post. I wanna surbcsibe but my thunderbird don’t wanna import your RSS URL.. what went wrong?! Regards.

  15. Geckomayhem says:

    Yeah, I saw the CAD one first and then I was like WTF? You guys had the same idea. His was more gruesome, but I love the expression on that poor girl, haha.

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