Your XBox 360 Can Blog

Go Here enter your Gamertag. It pulls the RSS feed from your console and blogs as in the voice of your 360. Check mine out here as an example.

Here is an excerpt:

Days Airlines [me] is making me proud and his opponents jealous… even if they are bots or mindless AI sometimes! Check out the 1900 gamer score! He played DEAD RISING, UNO, Texas Hold’em, and after we were done, Days Airlines hugged me with his eyes. It was one of those man hugs… you know…

Translation in LiveJournal speak:

My soul begs to be loved by another. The hearts on the playing cards in Texas Hold’em remind me of my loneliness and that the world will never accept me for who I am. I miss her touch so much. Why did she break up with me?! WHY?!

My 360 is so dramatic.