You should be reading Fish N Chips

You may remember an interview I did on The Instance with Steve Hamaker, the colorist for Bone and artist and creator of many other projects. I’ve gotten to know Steve pretty well, and he is just one of those web buddies you are really glad to know. One of the good guys, and insanely talented to boot.

Well, I had a chance to finally read one of his creations, “Fish N Chips”. Can’t recommend this book enough. Sadly, it is currently in the process of a reprint, but should be available again soon. Pictured above is my copy and I LOVED it! The writing is so much fun, and the art is just what I needed. Really great stuff! Here is a note about it on Steve’s blog…keep your eyes out for the reprints.

I have the wicked cool honor of creating a pinup shot of my take on the characters, and I am honored to even be asked. Rock on, Steve!