WoW World PVP a Bust?

In the new World of Warcraft patch, Blizzard released the new “World PVP”.

Lets first talk about “The Game of Towers”.
The description taken from the WoW website is as follows:

“Four towers are crucial to establishing complete strategic control over the Eastern Plaguelands: Crown Guard Tower to the south, Eastwall Tower near Light’s Hope Chapel, Northpass Tower to the north, and Plaguewood Tower in the northwest. Capturing these towers works very much like a tug-of-war. Control over a tower shifts depending on which faction has more characters with an active PvP flag in the tower’s direct vicinity.”

Now, this sounds like alot of fun right? Sounds like there will be tons of Alliance and Horde battling it out all over the Eastern Plaguelands for control over the precious towers making Eastern Plaguelands the most exciting and dangerous place to be for a casual PVP player on a non PVP server. This is where you would be wrong.

I eagerly flew out to EPL ready for some action last Saturday evening. What did I find? On my way out to the first tower I did not find one Horde player to team up with my Tauren Hunter. When I reached the tower I discovered a very calm pair of Alliance hanging out doing absolutely nothing.

After provoking the Alliance scum a little I got myself killed a couple of times, but thats besides the point. Knowing I couldn’t do much more than run back and forth between the tower and the grave yard without some Horde helpers. I called out on all channels and bugged each Horde passer by for about 45 minutes before I finally got a group of four others that had any interest in pillaging the towers.

In about another 40 minutes we had taken all the towers and were bored out of our minds. With no more Alliance to challenge us and all of the towers taken, my party slowly started to abandon me and move on to bigger fish. I eventually ported back to Orgimmar and jumped into an Alterac Valley battle grounds match.

I know this is only my own personal experience and there may have been a few factors that affected the action. The time of day and the newly added crossrealm battle grounds could have kept the numbers low. Nevertheless, I asked the opinion of my guild members who had the chance to venture on over to EPL and they were not to enthusiastic about it as well.

The Verdict:
“The Game of Towers” quickly becomes unappealing to regular PVP players after you have successfully captured all of the towers. There is currently not enough action on the area and you can gain much more in a shorter period of time with an hour long battle grounds match. The honor and reputation you gain from battle grounds is far more valuable. I wonder what experience some others have had on different realms and so on.

I won’t currently go into detail on other world PVP launched in Silithus. Ill save my opinion on that for later.

By the way…cross realm battle grounds rocks!
It makes life much easier for battle grounds lovers. In the long run, it may affect the way we all move up in rank due to the easy access we all have now to jump into a game within seconds. This will allow the hardcore players to make the curve that much difficult for us to follow when ranking time comes around.

For now, you will find me and many others sticking around battle grounds for our honor. How about you?