WordPress Theme Contest


I mentioned this on Twitter this morning, and now I figure, probably time to mention it here and make it official.

I wanna do a new contest. This one is very different. This one’s for all you wordpress nerds out there. (You know who you are.)

I have been wanting to re-design the site for a while now, but simply have not had the time to do it. But even if I did, I see some WP themes for comic creators and I just know I am not gonna do something that cool. I really like the look of what Paul had with UglyHill.com. Also fond of what Scotty has going on over at pvp.

Before I get into what the winner gets, here are some ground rules:

  • Mockups are recommended so we can see what you have in mind early! But I am easy either way.
  • The theme does NOT need to be based on ComicPress. But I will probably favor those that do. Been wanting to move to CP for a while now.
  • No rules on look and feel, however you should know I am not really that inclined to use something “whacky”.
  • The comic is 900 pixels wide. I’d want the theme to contain that nicely. No longer that into having a stretchable page with variable width.
  • Smart navigation will be rewarded. I wanna be able to send people to all my stuff in a easy clean way.
  • A three column design would be nice, but open to other ideas.
  • Very interested in good font and css usage.
  • Be willing to revise the theme before the final winner is picked.
  • Also interested in good ad space use.
  • Not really looking for logos to be created or any of that, but everything will be considered.
  • IMPORTANT: In the off chance that I don’t like any of em, I will still award the prizes to the one I like best, even if I don’t use it. I can’t imagine this happening, but you get the idea.
  • Ok, now for what you get out of it if you win.

  • A mention on EVERY show I host.
  • A select collection of signed prints, comics and sketches.
  • A short interview about the theme on ELR
  • A free Jinx T-shirt.
  • GeekyClean prizes.
  • World of Warcraft loot card(s)
  • A one of a kind personalized sketch, using a concept of your choice.
  • Your very own one of a kind phone ring tone, featuring the ELR crew. (not heard before)
  • Free copy of the 56 Geeks print right away, and Free copy of the 56 Zombies print when complete. (signed in both cases.)
  • And maybe some more stuff I have not thought of yet. NOTE: Everyone in the top 3 will receive a signed comic print of their choice. So you’ll get something even if you don’t win the ultimate spot.

    Anyway, I know I have left out deadline, etc. But that is because I don’t want to rush anything. For the sake of having some sort of window, let’s say I really want to launch the new look sometime in August. You can email me demo’s of what you are working on at myextralife at gmail dot com.