Wonder what I do? Wonder no more.


I get emails all the time with people asking me what I do during the work day. That is when I am not working on the ExtraLife empire. 😉 Well, I figured it was time to cue you in, and maybe get some usage help from you in the process.

I work for a small web company, where we are involved in all sorts of projects, most recently a social dating site associated with a TV show called PromiseLIVE. While we are still technically in a beta release, many of the features we have planned are there and running. Hop in and make a profile. You don’t have to be single either….it works well as a good social network for friends as well.

Some might say, “This looks like some sort of MySpace ripoff!” Well, some of the tools are certainly similar to MySpace and others, which are features you sort of HAVE to have, but we’ve built some unique things. Things like a scientifically proven compatibility test, a very complex and powerful search system, profile widgets, etc. We are pretty proud of the work we have done, and thought the EL crowd could kick the tires a little. All I ask is play nice. 🙂 Check it out!