Will the iPad change the comic model?

Saw this over at MajorSpoilers today, and thought it might be a good discussion to carry on about here. Here’s a snippit:

We’re roughly thirty days away from the launch of Apple’s much-talked-about iPad. While the device looks like a flattened iPod, its potential to revolutionize the way we consume media is staggering. One of the more interesting aspects of the iPad is the ability to read comic books at nearly the same size as the printed version. While other e-books only have black-and-white displays, the iPad’s color screen could radically change the way we read and access comics.

The iPad, like it or not, holds a GREAT deal of interest in the web comics community, and I am stoked to see how it plays out. Need to get working on a new App for it I think…

Here is the rest of that article at Majorspoilers.