Why do I want multiplayer games?

It hit me yesterday, as I sat on the throne playing Socom for my PSP. Why the hell do I even think multiplayer games are fun?

Now hear me out before you explode. I will be the first to admit that when I hear, “thousands of players online all the time!”, and “head to head wireless action”, I get really excited. Whether on my PC, my consoles, my handhelds…the “idea” of lots of people playing seems really neat, like it seems to do for the rest of the gaming world.

But I am always left a little flat. I find that there are times I would just rather settle in for some decent (or even bad) A.I. and just play without anyone else’s expectations, or requirements, or malfunctions, or anything. I really think that a big part of the reason I have not purchased a 360 yet is I can’t seem to get all jazzed about the multiplayer focus. Oblivion might sway me, as its single player centric, but I also think this might be why the Nintendo appeals to me so much. I KNOW there will be a TON of single player content on there, and I am happy to lap it up.

Perhaps its the inevitable effect of having less time and not being able to coordinate times with friends, etc. Perhaps its because the online gaming world is full of idiots and nard bags. Probably more the second than the first.

I also prefer to play with friends anyway. Random encounters with 13 year old ding-dongs is not my idea of an hour well spent.

I know I can’t be alone here. A well crafted story or adventure in a single player campaign is far more compelling to me than the same old frag fest, with the same old lamers.