Where is the water?

Had to tell you guys this little story. I live quite literally in what we term “the West Utah desert”. It is very hot, very dry, and the summer months get crazy hot and dry. Funny enough we get the full brunt of Winter too, but that does not apply to my current situation.

The fare city of Eagle Mountain, where I hang my hat, had a water well break (whatever that means) the other day, and since then, we have had a serious rationing of water for everyone in town. Basically they asked us all to let our lawns and gardens completely die of thirst. They say if people don’t do this, they will have to start shutting off water to homes and businesses. I MUST HAVE MY SHOWER!!!

Anyway, we have complied, my wife hates it (she is the green thumb in the house), and so are most of the neighbors. A few are cheating the system and watering their lawns at 2am, the jerks. 🙂

But it brought up an interesting question in my own mind. It shocks me into realizing how much we grow to depend on modern conveniences. If the year were 1840, and I wanted to make a home in the same place, there would be dire straights ahead. No fertile soil to farm, no good water source…just a big desert that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. I just take it totally for granted that nice cold water comes gushing out of whatever hole I tell it to, and it has just always been there. We of course pay for the water, so there is that, but still, it’s just one of those things that is always there.

How many other things are like that? Toilets are the best of course…do your nasty deed and it literally leaves the premises. Gone for good…never to worry about it again. Hot? Turn up the AC. Cold? Turn up the heater. Need to type a blog post? Good thing that electricity is always magically there for us.

Anyway, just something to think about. Appreciate your stuff…stock up on food and water…help people who have it worse.