Where are all the posts!?

I am on vacation, and I have not had internet for a couple days. And I won’t have it much longer either. (Doing a little drive by Wi Fi action right now.)

Anyway, hope everyone is doing ok. I will be home Wednesday night and everything will be back to normal. It should be said that I created a comic for Wednesday morning, which will show up along with a post I already did. Post dating is such fun. 🙂

Anyway, hope your week is as nice as mine has been thus far.

In closing, lets have a look at the best spam message I have had all week:

This is your official notification from Bank of Floyd, your online account has expired. If you want
to continue using our service you have to renew your online account. If not, your online account
will be deactivated and deleted.

Bank of Floyd? sigh…