When I was 14, it was a very good year.


Hey all. Thought I would share something I have not posted in a long time. When I was 14, my dad’s business was in the video game industry, which explains quite a bit about me I guess. 🙂 He ran multiple arcades, had a bunch of games in different chains, etc.

In the early 80’s he started manufacturing his own cabinets, and all the joysticks and such…and we would import the game boards directly from Japan. We had a deal with DataEast at the time, and they had just finished the boards for Lock N’ Chase, a pretty lame PacMan ripoff, but we had exclusive on it back then, and I got hired at age 14 to design the marquee. I found one of these things digging through some boxes today, and thought I would share. Oh the good old days. Here is one shot. Here is the other closeup shot.

Anyone remember playing this thing?