What’s bugging me today?

More and more, as the site grows in readers, I have found that a certain percentage of people seem to have a problem when I post articles about things they don’t like. For example, if I post a story I find somewhere or that was sent to me that speaks negatively about the Xbox 360, I get people calling me a MS hater and a Nintendo fanboy in emails, phone messages, and in the comments of the post itself. The very same day I may post something that sounds negative towards Nintendo and I get the same treatment from people who think I am a Xbox fanboy or something like that.

You get the drift. And its getting old. Most of the time I post links and items based on what readers send me, what I find interesting myself, or something topical. I don’t WRITE articles that I find and post. I don’t automatically agree or disagree with any of them, and to assume such based simply on a copied headline is short sited the part of the offended reader.

Think I am a Sony hater because when I post Sony articles, they swing negative? Guess what! That is ALL you can find out there right now on Sony! Send me some happy articles and news about the PS3 and watch me fill the blog with it. More than happy to.

Another quick example of this: I posted what I thought was a pretty strange Japanese video from some kids show over there. I got REAMED by various people saying that I was being simple minded in my gawking at strange videos I don’t understand, and that they would take that stuff over the crap we make here in America. I ask you this: What is the damned difference between what I did and what you said? Nothing! Same thing, just flipped. So spare me that crap.

In short, this is a small vocal minority on the site, and I knew going into this that as things continued to grow, it would come out of the woodwork, and I would not be able to expect everyone to act in any preconceived way. I am fine with that. But the more this happens, and the more things grow, the less I am able to respond to such things. I try REALLY hard to answer every email I ever get from anyone here, and I work to keep in touch with readers as best I can. But at some point, I will have to pick my battles, and will end up communicating with those who share a similar sense of civility and time value. I am officially no longer answering or addressing faceless complaints or biased yelping from people hiding behind this big series of tubes.

Again, MOST EVERYONE here is fine! No problems. Vocal minorities, are…well… vocal. 🙂 I address this problem for two reasons…its stuff you should know, and its a good way for me to vent.

Have a nice day. 🙂