What lessons I learned from Blizzcon 2009


After a large event like this, I often look back at it in crazy meta-ways that I did not expect my brain to present as logical thought. So, without delay, here is what I learned this year:

1. I really need to try and be there in person next year.
2. If you are a game designer, and need a job, your chances of working with Blizzard are improved if you have some sort of mullet.
3. Mtn Dew is used to decorate stage tables, but never used as an actual thing to drink.
4. Spike TV employees prefer to pronounce Diablo as “Die-ab-blow”.
5. Starcraft II can’t get in my greedy little hands fast enough.
6. If you give guild-mates a bunch of “Obey Henry” stickers, they WILL plaster them all over the Anaheim convention center.
7. Sometimes crazy rumors you read on the Internet turn out to be 100% true. (see WoW Cataclysm)
8. All your carefully held assumptions and stereotypes regarding uber-nerds are completely correct.
9. Diablo III is awesome. The Diablo III team is incredibly boring on stage.
10. You can do some crazy crap with Starcraft II.
11. There were more horde players in that place than Alliance.
12. Mike Morhaime is the nicest guy in video games.
13. Russell Brower might just be equally as nice.
14. Hunters will never need mana again. Word.
15. The Virtual Ticket might be alternately called, “BufferCon 2009”
16. If you’ve been in Playboy magazine, you too can walk around and interview people for Direct TV.
17. Every crowd has one jerk that yells out stuff that no one finds funny. Ever.
18. Skimpy bikini-based costumes are not enough to place in the costume contest.
19. My Deckard Cain voice would have beaten everything on display during the voice contest.
20. Kat Hunter is one of my favorite people on the web.
21. Voice actors are really into what they do.
22. Battle.NET is not at all what I thought it was. It’s HUGE!
23. I wanna take Nick next year.
24. Ozzy looks pretty good for a dude his age. (I still think he should have bit the head off of a mechanical chicken.)

I also learned that I love my readers, followers, listeners, and friends! What a ball it has been to cover this stuff over the last couple of days!