What is old is new again: Waverace


Back in the fall of 1996 I grabbed WaveRace for my N64 and pretty much called it the most fun racer I’d ever owned. The water physics alone were worth the price of admission. They were pretty incredible, and blew away everything else in the category at the time.

What’s interesting is there has never been a game since that matched those physics and racing conditions. Not even the Cube sequel managed it. What was the last decent watercraft racing game you played? I rest my case.

Nintendo released the game last week on the Wii Virtual Console service and I snapped it up, and to my never ending glee, the game holds up extremely well. I am having as much or more fun now than I did then, and despite the age of the title, something about it feels so tight and fresh, that with a few texture improvements and a few extra polygons here and there, you would have as good a game today as you could reasonably expect.

Have a Wii? I recommend a re-visit to this title. Never played it before? I envy you. 🙂 You are in for a wet and wild ride. I give it 4.5 disembodied sets of cow udders out of 5.