“What I learned at N’09”


Well, as many of you know, my annual fan appreciation event known as Nerdtacular has officially ended for the year of 2009. It was a complete blast and I know of nothing else I can say, except all of this stuff below this sentence.

Last year, I did a post about the “things I learned at Nerdtacular”, and I reckon I’ll be doing that again, yo.

So, without further delay, here is the list of things that I learned at this years event:

This is a big post!

1. Once again, I was reminded that Brian Ibbot is the nicest guy in all of podcasting.


2. If you have a hot-tub, someone is bound to get in it.

3. It’s possible to build huge cakes that look like Starfleet insignias AND have them taste like really good cake.


4. I have no right on earth to drive a Lamborghini, yet somehow I did.


5. Brian Dunaway really should live in Utah. Or I should love in SC. We “fit”.

6. I have scientific, first hand experience that video game nerds and trek geeks are, contrary to common thinking, the most social creatures I have ever known.

7. How insignificant I really am without my wife with me in life.

8. There are more measurable amounts of generosity contained within the borders of Canada than any of us realize.

9. That I now have a new second favorite Star Trek movie on my list. Don’t know my list? Here it is, favorite to least favorite:

Wrath of Khan
Star Trek
Undiscovered Country
First Contact
Voyage Home
Search for Spock
The Motion Picture
The Final Frontier

10. I learned that if you tell them to, people WILL dress up in trek cloths when video game consoles are on the line.

11. We had people from Canada, Texas, Colorado, Los Angeles, Washington State, South Carolina, Minnesota, Idaho, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Utah there.

12. That Ding Pong is more popular than ANYONE.

13. Glow-sticks are fun to hurl at crowds no matter what anyone says.

14. A good Trek movie can wash away a bad Wolverine taste from your mouth with considerable ease.

15. Calling France on your cell phone can be expensive.

16. Did I mention the Lamborghini?

17. No matter how hard you try, you never seem to quite be able to talk with everyone you meant to.

18. Randy Jordan has desirable hair.


19. The highlight of a huge event can be as simple as helping a super cool 12 year old kid with his homework project.

20. I am able to consume more meat than previously thought in one evening without consequences.

21. The idea of “fan made doughnuts” is not nearly as scary as it may sound.

22. This stuff helps me keep my boy impressed with what his father does.

23. The best way to deal with your stalker is to just go ahead and invite him over to your house.


24. Thrakken is still a threat.

25. I never take as much video or take as many photos as I plan to. Ever.

26. More people bought the old ELR shirts than I thought.

27. It’s ok to feel some sort of primal attraction to the new Kirk.

28. The Wood Whisperer really does whisper to wood.

28b. This is the funniest picture ever.


29. Wearing a hat all day has the effect of making your hair look as if you have been wearing a hat all day.

30. People raised in Louisiana REALLY know how to cook their meat.

31. I have the greatest online community in the world.

So there’s this year’s list. I might even add to it as I think of new things to say. My humblest thanks goes out to EVERYONE who attended this year. I loved having you there, especially those who sacrificed to travel and far to make it. You guys are the best. /bow

Don’t forget to check out my Flickr set from the event, as well as these others. I will have some video up soon! Just gotta get it all edited.