What I found in my Dorito bag today…

So I am digging around in the quickly depleting bag of Doritos I have at my desk, and I come across this chicken nugget like thing. It appeared to be a solid mass of Dorito dust, but I had to find out for myself.


As you can see, it looks harmless enough. Maybe just a little painted rock, or a bit of bright orange corral. Nay. None of those things. A solid chuck of…stuff.

So I decided to crack it open a little bit and make sure there was nothing insidious inside.


As you can see, nothing of any real note here. No bugs living in it, no cocaine spilling out on the table. Just…stuff. So I decided to dig a little more, just to be sure.


Again, seems like there is nothing happening here. Same old thing. But this is when I took off for about and hour, and when I came back, there was some kind of weird orange nipple thing growing out of it.


True story.