Well this is a real kick in the shorts.

As most of you know, since March of this year I have been an avid Mac user. I LOVE my macs and when something goes wrong with them, I get very sad.

After the last ExtraLife radio show which was Tuesday night, everything seemed fine. My trusty iMac 20inch was performing flawlessly as usual, and I left it to slumber away the night while I went to bed finally.

I get up first thing in the morning today, head to the computer to download the morning’s podcasts, and check a few news sites before I get ready for work. Right in the middle of clicking something, the whole thing went dead. Heard a pop and then no power. Basically now all I can do is boot for about 45 seconds to a minute before the power just quits and everything spins down. Never had the problem before, and could only assume it had something to do with the power supply.

So I have a new supply coming to me, free of charge and all that. But I am sad…I have had my first Mac hardware problem, which according to everything I can find, a rare one indeed. I cant seem to find anyone with the same problem ANYWHERE online. So wish me luck that the new supply will do the trick. Everything seems to point to that as being the problem. So depending on how soon it gets here, I will be behind on nearly every project I am working on at the moment. I should be able to get comics up at work during lunch until this is fixed, so I think we are OK that way.

Anyway, mourn with me, won’t you? And don’t give me any anti-Apple crap. If I had a dollar for every failed power supply I had on my PC, I would have 14 dollars. 🙂