Welcome The Instance: Old Republic Edition to the family…

Great news for Instance fans, who also want their ToR fix. A brand new show is launching this week on the network, in the form of The Instance: Old Republic Edition, with episode one being available this thursday night! (Think of it as a sister show to what you are already used to with The Instance Prime.)

Hosted by myself, Dills, and a rotating 3rd guest chair! Which, schedules permitting, will often be Turpster even. Very excited about a new show, dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic, which hits shelves on 12-20-2011.

Also, a dedicated Twitter Account up as well: @torshow You can email your questions, comments and suggestions to instancetor@gmail.com.

What does this mean for The Instance Prime? Not a thing. No changes at all…if all you care about is WoW, The Instance will continue doing what it does, and doing it well.

Here’s the site link for the new show!