Warcraft and Starcraft Theme Park

When Blizzard finally get their act together and buy out Disneyland and transform it into Blizzardland, it’ll be a great day. Until then, we now have Joyland World, a theme park based on Starcraft and Warcraft currently under construction in China.

Evan Ackerman over at DVICE has saved me the trouble of digging through an entirely Chinese flash animated website, and provided what details there are;

From the little bit of digging I’ve been able to do, it looks as though this is a real amusement park called Joyland World that’s currently under construction in China. There are sub-parks that are built around World of Warcraft and Starcraft themes complete with coasters and other attractions, and there will also be a video game museum and electronic gaming sports arena.

More images below.

[Joyland World via DVICE]