Wake Up The NES Way

Nes Alarm Clock

Waking up to the piercing tones of an R2 D2 ‘beep’ ‘beep’ every morning can’t be good for a self respecting geek. I, for one, want to be awoken by the sweet tones of the Super Mario Brothers theme tune, wrapped up in a maroon and golden Famicom (NES, to us Westerns) controller. Well, lucky for me, I can. ThinkGeek have on sale an alarm clock that takes the shape of a classic NES controller. The controller plays the Super Mario Brothers theme tune as its alarm, aswell as having a extra unlockable alarm sound that can be obtained through a mini-game.

There seems to be only a few niggles with it. Having to ‘unlock’ this extra alarm sound, is it really neccesary? I know we’re all gamers here, but i’d rather be attending to my garden in Animal Crossing than fiddling around with my alarm clock, no matter how awesome it may look. And the price tag, $25 seems a bit steep. Or can’t we put a price on being a geek?