Vince and Steve are now homeless

Just one month after purchasing GamerDNA, the promising stat-driven video game community site, Crispy Gamer has laid off its entire editorial staff, on the authority of the company’s board of directors. We’re told Chris Heldman, the CEO, former head of media entertainment at Google and co-founder of Crispy Gamer, has resigned in protest. Last September, Crispy’s other co-founder, John Keefer, left to join the editorial staff of the influential GamePolitics blog.

This included the loss of the comics section, which Experience Points was originally commissioned for in 2008.

What will happen to Experience Points? Not totally sure, but for now, rest assured that I have no plans to kill it. It’s more of an issue of where will I run it / keep it / grow it, etc. I just don’t know yet. I own the rights, so it’s up to me. I do know that I am extremely grateful to the guys at Crispy Gamer that allowed me to create this new property, and turn it into something kind of special. Particularly John Keefer.

Gonna miss the money. 🙂

Anyway, that’s that. Here’s the article as posted on Joystiq today. While the comic creators were not mentioned there, we were contacted directly by people at Crispy Gamer and notified that way.

UPDATE: New home found!