Very informal Ironman meetup…

My family and I will be seeing Ironman on the 3rd of May, in the morning, at 11:30am. For Utah fans who might want to meetup for a quick hello, bring your bodies and your DS’s (if you have them) to the theater and we can enjoy a good movie together.

The theater is the Megaplex 20, the same one we will use for the much more formal Nerdtacular in July for Dark Knight.

For Ironman, it’s one of the theaters that you reserve seats for, and there are plenty left. We love it there. So if you are interested, and have not yet picked your time to go, use this link and you buy your tickets online. See you there!

Any ideas for a cool way of letting each other know who we are? A safety word or something? Maybe a ridiculous dance?

EDIT: The DS’s are if anyone wants to pictochat, or play a MP game of some sort while we wait for the movie to start. 🙂