Update on the Spiderman III ExtraLife Event!


Good news! Things just get better and better for this Spiderman III theater meetup in May. Here are the current stats on the event as I know them:

– The event will now be FREE to EL fans who come, and those they bring with them. However, we have 132 seats and I will need to have RSVP’s to me soon so I can get a headcount. EL fans get preference over just neighbors or friends and family of course. More on that soon. We even get special tickets printed up with some of my exclusive Spiderman artwork on em. 🙂

– The show has two sponsors so far. The biggest and most notable is MajorSpoilers.com, who has donated actual funds to help make this a FREE event for the EL faithful. BeyondNinja, a local company, will be donating event swag, that we will chuck into the audience. We’d love to pass out Spiderman comics or something. (If you own or work for a company interested in having some swag to give away, or if you’d like to sponsor part of the event, send me an email at myextralife@gmail.com. )

– We will have some time before hand to do the giveaways and take some pictures of everyone in the auditorium, etc. Prizes like “person that traveled the furthest”, “most understanding wife / girlfriend”, etc. will surely be part of the event.

More news coming so stay tuned! (And another BIG sorry to all you people out of range of this event. I wish we could send a bus to pick everyone up. :))

: Just got done talking to GoDaddy…they are sending a bunch of tshirts as well. DING!

spoilers-image.jpg beyondninja.jpg