Update on my computer woes

The place I took it swore they could have the part overnight and ready to install today. So here is how the ulgy story goes:

At 11am I went out to take the computer in. Realized I locked my keys in the car. Called a cop, he came and so did two other cops. (Slow day I guess?) Anyway, after about 30 minutes they finally got into my honda. I hopped in, just in time for the rain to start. I head over to the Mac service place and open the door…cept it won’t actually open. Both the doors would not open from the inside. The only way out was to roll down the window, and lift the handle from the outside. Or I guess I could Luke Duke it, but anyway, I was all together pissed at this point.

I get the computer in, trying really hard not to get rain on it, and get told that DHL did not make it there today with the new PS…someone there screwed up the order and it wont be there till Tuesday. This after they promised it would be there that day. I leave it knowing there is not much point in doing anything else. If the one comingstraight to me gets here first I will go pick it up and do it myself. If they get theirs first, then there we go.

Anyway, that’s the update. Crappy day. To make things worse, I went running at lunch and it starting hailing on me. That was good times.