Two Teens Kill 7-Year-Old Girl with Supposed Mortal Kombat Moves


Since the rest of the web is talking about this like it’s the biggest story ever, I figure we can talk a bit about it as well. A quote:

The two teens reportedly hit, kicked, and body-slammed 7-year-old Zoe Garcia, causing “a broken wrist, more than 20 bruises, swelling of the brain, and bleeding in her neck muscles and under her spine”, the affidavits have said. Prosecutors are claiming the teens were imitating “wrestling moves” found in the Mortal Kombat video game.

Wow…Think Jack will have fun with this one? sigh… I just feel bad for the little girl, and I feel like kicking the teens in the face. Unfortunately for me, a kick to the face might also be consstrued as a Mortal Kombat “wrestling move”. 🙁 Source to the full story.