Transformers Dark of the Moon trailer

My name is Joshua S Hill, and here’s my dirty little secret: I like the Transformers movies.

They’re big, loud, fun, and have robots and Megan Fox! Also the jittery camera technique was never a problem for me; I kinda like it. So in honour of all of that, here is the trailer for the third Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon, set for release sometime int he new year.

Additionally, Michael Bay has commented in an interview that he admits there were a lot of problems with the second movie, and that in this, the third movie, he’ll be getting “back to basics” in an effort to fix that. He went on to say that “I got rid of the dorky comedy, I mean we’ve got two little characters, that’s it, but the dorkiness is not there. Dork-free Transformers. It’s much more serious. It’s still entertaining, it’s big looking.”