Totally cool shoutout on PodCheck Review


Scott Fletcher, host of PodCheck Review, a very popular podcast in the podcasting world, was ever so kind to feature ExtraLife Radio as a show people should check out! You can find the show in question right here.

Scott is an extrememly cool guy, and a pro when it comes to radio. He simply has the coolest, and perhaps most recognizable voice in podcasting today. Long ago he created a nice set of intros for ELR and I have used them ever since. The idea that he can say things like this:

It’s a GREAT show, and I encourage you to take a listen – at – “No time for Romance Dr. Jones!”

Well, I am just really glad he enjoys it. What a cool guy. Make sure you subscribe to his show! Its a great look into the podcasting world you don’t really get from other shows.