Tonight’s ELR: Thee Topics of DOOM!

We are playing around with format a little tonight, not too much but in a way that I think people will enjoy. We plan to talk about each of these big topics:

1. Celebrity Worship: Brian will give us the lowdown and dirty on why we seem to think people in movies, TV, or in the case off Paris Hilton, rich families, get so MUCH TV coverage. Why some people think they are something special, that they have greater opinions, or are above the law. Should be fun. Are we geeks no different? Is our Paris Hilton Steve Jobs, Jim Lee, John Carmack, or Kevin Rose? Interesting.

2. DOA: Obsidian comes down from a recent viewing of the game based film about the Dead of Alive fighting game franchise. Do we get another Street Fighter II sans-VanDamme, or do we get something more akin to Resident Evil or Super Mario Bros. with this one? Only our resident bald man knows for sure. Should games even make good source material for movies? Is the other way around any better?

3. Is the Wii showing signs of ‘fad gone bad?’ Or are we just ramping up for the second wave of hot titles for Nintendo’s little machine that could? Scott breaks down the state of affairs with the Wii and draws some comparisons with the DS and it’s history. Should be a fun gab.

All that plus your calls, emails, and a few segments for good measure. (Not to mention a fine musical number from the velvet voice of podcasting, Scott Fletcher.) I will post the stream up in the blog when we record for those that like to have their cake and eat it too. Feel free to throw us some calls or emails about these subjects…if they are short and good, we will play them on the air! 🙂 (206-203-CRAP –