Today’s “cop-out”, and other notes.

Hey guys. Writing this from the free WiFi here at the hotel. Thought I would pipe in for a quick hello on Labor Day. 🙂 We don’t get away much so this was a nice couple days. Will be back to the normal grind tonight some time. Gonna do some fun stuff today first however.

Anyway, sorry today’s “comic” is mostly just an excuse to not do one. 🙂 Just so much going on lately there was no time earlier than today to do something proper. But it was still kinda fun to do.

Anyway, thanks to everyone. Have had some time to reflect on things this weekend, and I am just so thankful such such a great fan base. You guys really are the best. I will have an update tomorrow on the progress with the ExtraLife Relief Fund. We have some scouts that are going to help us build these hygiene kits, among some other developments. Talk to you soon!