Today’s Comic: “Surface” can be scary!


I was as excited as the next guy when MS revealed this the other day. But then I got to thinking about it. There are some issues with practical application with this thing, which I am sure that MS has considered, but they are still fun to think about. The biggest is this idea that it will know all about you when you use one. Kinda creepy.

Had a IM conversation with Scott Kurtz of PvP today, and I think he has it down pretty right. Here is an excerpt:

Scott K.: 1) I am NEVER putting my credit card or anything that contains my personal information on a magic table that can steal it’s secrets.

Scott J.: check

Scott K.: 2) What kind of rich-ass restaurant is going to have that thing at every table? Maybe Chilis in the year 2564…but not in the next decade.

Scott J.: check

Scott K.: 3) that being said….I WOULD LOVE TO DRAW ON IT…if it were at an angle.

Scott J.: Gotta be…accept no substitutes. Angle or death!!

Hence the comic. 🙂