Today’s Comic: I Love Mythbusters


It’s really one of my favorite things on TV, has been since the beginning. I am a big time science nerd at heart, and I get my fix every week with Adam and Jamie.

But they are just here to help my point: That GS employees spend a good deal of their on the clock time mis-informing confused mothers everywhere. Drives me crazy some of the things I hear when I am in there. It’s all I can do to just keep my mouth shut. Anyone else go though this?

UPDATE: OK…gotten a few emails from GS employees telling me that they are not like this…that they are actually helpful and know stuff. I am quite sure its true. I have no doubt that they are a credit to their profession. In no way am I saying that EVERY GS employee is like what I’ve portrayed. I am just saying there is a good deal of them where I live anyway. 🙂