Today’s Comic: GameStop enforcing age limits


So there was this story bounding around the net about how GameStop was going to start cracking down on the selling of games rated mature to minors.

Dude, I’ve spent a considerable amount of my my life in gamestop stores and I have seen the quality and commitment of your average GS clerk. They ain’t that picky. 🙂 Hence today’s comic.

EDIT: Great story from a reader:

Have you ever played the role of Big Brother at a GameStop / EB Games before? I’m talking about buying M Rated games for minors and stuff. I’ve had it happen to me one or two times and I can never say no. This last time I did it for 3 brothers who had some PS2 games to trade in. They were sitting outside with their wallets out looking sad and desperate. They stopped me when I was going inside and asked me if I could trade in some games for them because the guy at the register was being an ass (surprise!) and told them that they needed an adult present in order to do a trade-in. It pulled at my heartstrings. They went to pick out their games while I signed a waiver and some other crap saying I was over 18 and I was with these guys. When they came back they had with them a Mortal Kombat game (I think it was Deception), GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City. Oh boy, would their parents be upset with me. I didn’t feel guilty though. They seemed like good kids and they were excited to get some new games to play. I was glad to do my part in corrupting the youth that day. Was this highly irresponsible of me? At first it didn’t occur to me that they might be trying to trade-in for M rated games, but I feel like I used my better judgment in the end.