Today’s comic and some Friday Thoughts.


Hope you enjoy the continued Ninja storyline. Should be some fun yet.

I was thinking last night. I had just downloaded DOOM for Xbox 360, and having played through the demo a couple times, was reminded of the 100’s of hours I burned playing that game back in the early 90’s. I worked for a company that was engrossed in it, and we would stay after work and play till our eyes bled. Such great times. I was newly married, was still in college, and I was playing DOOM. Life was good.

But I was struck last night how old I am getting. The reminder came in the form of realizing that a game I adored in my early 20’s was now being considered a classic, at least to the degree that you could download it along side other oldies like Pacman and Galaga. That in the year 2006, when games like GRAW, FEAR, Prey, etc are as common as can be, everyone can now play a “classic” of yore…fragging in messy 2d pixels, and act like they are playing with an un-earthed relic of some old civilization long dead.

Was strange. But it still holds up and is great fun. Hears to the good times. May today’s 3D masterpiece become tomorrows 4 dollar classic. 🙂