Today’s comic and an idea


So as you can see, I take yet another swipe at life in World of Warcraft. And while doing it, I had an idea. Lets have a WoW meetup! Here is what I am thinking:

We pick a server, does not matter which, just anything. We all start a Orc or Troll character and we meet at the fire pit by the first NPC there…and we have an ExtraLife / ExtraLife Radio meetup! Fans of the comic, the show, etc can all hang out and chat it up in person for a bit! In fact, we can keep those alts just for that purpose. I would like to even film a bit of the interaction.

I figure we should either do that or something in Second Life or something. Anyway, what do you guys think? If you like the idea, when?

UPDATE: I will announce this on The Instance tomorrow as well. We will load up that newb area and have a ball. 🙂