Today’s Comic: 7-26-2006


I love aliens. But that’s not why I did today’s strip. I love the hacky sack. I was never very good at it, and still struggle with its infinite complexities, however I find it as fascinating as any man made toy on earth today. I am also frequently impressed by its staying power. The hacky sack has been around forever. I remember playing it when I was a in Jr. High 7th grade lunch periods. (Keep in mind I just turned 37.)

It turns out it was originally called the “Footbag”, invented in 1972 in Oregon City, Oregon, by John Stalberger met Mike Marshall, who had been kicking around a hand-made bean bag. John had recently had knee surgery and was looking for a way to work on his flexibility. He instantly took to the game and became good friends with Marshall. They called the game “Hack the Sack.” It gained much popularity in the 80s. It still gets loads of play today by kids I see everywhere. (More on the footbag at WikiPedia.)

At any rate, what a great little invention it is, and I would not be surprised if our outer-world overlords would take quite nicely to its simple yet potent allures. 🙂