Hey guys. No new comic yet today, and not much news postings I am afriad. Spent most of the weekend doubled over and at the hospital. Have some additional tests to have done today. Made it hard to keep up on everthing.

I will try and be back in form this afternoon if possible.

UPDATE: Check out this nice thought from Jeff.

UPDATE 2: Well, I am back from the ultrasound test…save your pregnancy jokes for the crap line :)…and the results? They think I have a very small herniation in the lower abdominal wall, but too small to do anything about. In other words, I have to lift less stuff, don’t play basketball, walk instead of my regular run, and get lots of sleep at night so this thing will heal on its own. I tell you though, small it may be, but it hurts big. Stupid abdomin!

So unless something crazy happens, there is nothing I can really do for it. If my intestines were hanging out of my gut, they could actually do something. But as it is, I need to see if things will heal on their own. Hurts like a mother, but I think I will survive. If my right testicle grows, then I will think again. 🙂