There’s gold in them thar blog!

So yeah, today’s comic was a bit of a poke in the eye of my current addiction: Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. Its not just good fun, its good for you. But I will admit, I feel like a girly man when I play it.

Tired of all those top ten lists for last year? Well now you can see the top ten top ten lists of the year. You heard me right, that was no typo. See those here.

I have often wondered if Worms would one day take over the world. I think my fears might actually be realized. If they can survive a shuttle crash, they can survive my boots.

A few of you might be shocked as to who people think is the greatest rock band of all time. I just don’t agree, but judge for yourself.

Oh, and if a few of you have not seen it yet, now’s your chance to see how stupid Halo characters can look in a fighting game. See it here.