The Unofficial Official MyExtraLife Teamspeak Server!


Hey Extralifers! Want to Talk? Want to discuss deep philosophical political issues? Or maybe your want to chat with a Teammate while you’re fragging away in a game. Or perhaps you just want to tell everyone about your last ‘Business Meeting’. There is a Teamspeak Server for YOU to chat on at IP Address:! (Or just look it up under “MYEXTRALIFE.COM” on the server listing!)

What’s Teamspeak you may ask? It’s FREE voice communication software that’s commonly used for people to voice chat while they’re playing games (as its usually a lot clearer than the in-game voice communication). If you don’t have Teamspeak, get it for FREE over at It’s pretty easy to use (even for the computer impaired). And yes, it is Adware and Spyware Free.