The Todd McFarlane Interview…

I am a little beside myself at the moment. I have been a fan and reader of Todd’s work since I was in highschool. What he did with Spiderman is still comic book legend. His founding of Image, publishing of Spawn, and building of an empire in the comic book and collectible world is unlike any other story of its kind.

It was our pleasure tonight, myself and Randy Jordan, to interview him, all of which will be heard on ELR, and even some on the instance. I expected a few things from it. I knew I would be nervous. Check. I knew that it would be awesome. Check.

What I did not expect was to come away with a wealth of advice and life lessons as a cartoonist. Any of you that are interested in art, drawing, cartooning, whatever…you HAVE to listen to this interview. Hopefully you will pull out some of the same nuggets that I did…gaining a new perspective from someone who has done it and done it in spades is really really powerful for me. Did I mention that he was just about as nice a guest as you could ever hope for?

Like I said, this interview will be played on ELR where it deals with film and comic book and such topics, and the rest will air on The Instance where we talk about his new life as a lead art director on a major MMO video game project. I suggest you catch both, even if you don’t normally do so. It is really fascinating stuff. (Did you ever want to know how he got away with Batman & Spawn book shoelace continuity? That story alone is worth the price of admission…which is nothing. :))

More on that when they air, for now, I am going to try and soak in some of this stuff and apply it to what I am doing here with EL. Thanks Todd!