The 27 Things I Learned at Nerdtacular ’08:

Got this idea from a forumite. This is a list of observations I have in my head about the weekend that was Nerdtacular 2008:

1. Randy Jordan is shorter than me.

2. Even a tough army dude can drive a Prius.

3. Balerius is not just a helpful and kind person in World of Warcraft, he is actually that same exact person in real life, minus the sweet gear of course.

4. There is a free spirit living in Colorado, and he is probably shirtless right now.

5. Old Man Franks is neither old, nor franks.

6. Even your most conservative friend can don a Batman suit and live out his childhood dreams.

7. My mother-in-law hates Batman movies.

8. My son Nick is actually more famous than I will ever be.

9. Not all BBQ chicken are equal.

10. Brian Ibbott is genuinely the nicest guy in all of podcasting.

11. I would do well to attend comic book shops specifically with Stephen at MajorSpoilers.

12. Handing a free Wii to a 11 year old kid is beneficial to the soul.

13. One out of every 5 people were disappointed that the real Ding Pong did not attend.

14. Riding your motorcycle from Toronto Canada all the way to Utah not only makes you cool, it also makes you awesome in ways difficult to type properly.

15. Generous people keep the world from flying out of control.

16. I married up…way up.

17. By every account, Heath Ledger died too soon.

18. If you are Harvey Dent, drinking a big glass of water has its consequences.

19. That is Sam’s real hair!

20. At least two people from The 5th Element are in Dark Knight.

21. Studio microphones sound better out of doors.

22. Rachel makes wicked good cakes.

23. Having your eye poked out by a flying glow stick is actually not as likely as you might assume.

24. Those Joker cards on the cake were actually edible.

25. Caesar snores while on my couch. Must be comfy.

26. My neighbor buddies are awesome.

27. Old friends, new friends, all friends….good friends.