The state of “Dark Rim”


Many of you have emailed me over the last few weeks wondering what is up with the side comic I started called “Dark Rim”. Well, the answer is I sketch stuff for it all the time, occasionally I inject a potental character into an EL comic just for fun, I scrap one and start over, etc etc.

So here is the update. I have decided to make the comic TOTALLY alien centric, no regular human characters…though they will show up as guests for certain storylines, etc. What you see above is the current evolution of characters and names, more later on personalities, backstory, etc. But I am in no rush. Probably start seeing these on a regular basis sometime in the near future…not totally sure when. I do own so that will be fun when I decide to greenlight things.

EDIT: For those not in the know, here was the comic I did WAY back in the day when I first started messing with the Dark Rim idea.

EDIT 2: Couple people have emailed me saying I am just copying my good friend Brian with his Mission Deep comic. You might notice the first Dark Rim came out in Feb of this year. The first Mission Deep showed up on March 31st. No one copied anyone, and besides, the comics are entirely different in tone and content.