The Sony News Poll


So it seems you have spoken. Not many of you think that Sony is being treated unfairly in the press, or even on this blog where I report much of the Sony news. And I agree…Sony is making genuine mistakes, saying stupid things, and has a problem of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

All of that said, I fully believe that Sony can and will recover from being cocky bastards…just as Nintendo has, Sega (wishes they had more), and others out there. The leader gets cocky sometimes, and sometimes, they get humbled and then do some really amazing stuff later. I am quite sure this is true of Sony. Hell, it might even be this generation of consoles. But they need to do some serious fixing on a corporate culture and focus level before that happens. First thing I would do? Start respecting the two things that matter most: Your potential buyers, and your competition.