The official Andrew Konerskerectity dealio

Andrew and I want to clear the air a little bit so you guys can freaking relax. The cause of all of this complicated, but I think I can nutshell it for you. Last Saturday Andrew and I had a bit of a tussle regarding a number of things, that included most notably a general lack of communication by both of us, me making decisions and doing things that involved him without letting him know, him making assumptions about things that were not what they seemed to be, me being a jerk about a blog issue, him not happy with the way I let a few listener emails get under my skin regarding his contributions, etc etc etc.

Unfortunately, I had a blow out and took things too far. He reacted in like fashion. He said, “maybe I should leave the shows”, and in my state of jerkiness said, “were done, dude.”

Whoa! Stop the presses! People that have a working relationship with each other have challenges and arguments?? Wow…must be one out of a million cases!! (sarcasm off)

Not long after that, we were both able to catch our breath a little bit, and talked for more than an hour about all of this. We salvaged the friendship, talked about what we could do to move from there, etc. Most importantly, he and I made up, the friendship continues, and life is OK in that regard. Regardless the whole thing let us back up a little and reassess things from a different perspective.

So, the question you still have on your lips is, will Andrew be returning to the shows? Neither of us are too sure on ELR yet, but he has decided that he is coming back to The Instance starting this weekend, which is arguably the show where the Scott / Andrew team shines brightest, and a choice I am fully in support of. (As is Randy.) He is taking some time to move back to Sarasota, get things all settled there, and at that point, we will figure out as a full team what we want to do on ELR.

I respect him for taking time to think about it whats best for him. Marriage is on the way, things to do and consider…it makes all the sense in the world and I support it.

AND…if the ELR thing does NOT happen, then you will get your tributes, mashups and general “thanks, Andrew” content that you have all been wanting to hear. But as you can see, the question begs, why would we do big goodbyes till we KNEW they were going to be final? Seemed logical to me. Anyway….

So please, can we stop with all the suspicion, innuendo, theory parties, and general freak out factor? Especially now that I have laid bare the circumstances that seem to have prompted it. I sure would appreciate it. Thanks!