The official launch of “The Creep”!

Frogpants Studios is very pleased to announce the addition of a brand new podcast, aimed at the exploding Starcraft 2 audience. The Creep is a weekly show that will focus on the mod community, the best new map releases, unit strategies, and audience participation. Hosted by Scott Johnson (Frogpants Studios) and Brian Hough (The Raid Warning), two guys with a special kind of passion for Starcraft, as well as gaming and podcasting in general.

“The initial idea and concept for The Creep came from Brian, and I knew we could have some real fun with a show like this right off the bat. I fully expect it to become a regular listen for Starcraft aficionados everywhere. I think our passion for the game will come out each and every week.”, says Scott Johnson.

The show launches it’s first episode THIS Friday morning! That’s September the 10th, 2010, so point your browsers to the official Creep Podcast site, or subscribe now via iTunes, or the show RSS feed to be the first to get the show the minute it hits the web.

Brian and Scott would LOVE some early email questions and submissions for their first episode, which you can send to

The Creep website
On iTunes

UPDATE: First episode is up NOW!