My Next Project: “42 Robots”


If you want to know more about this new project, click the link below.

Some of you might remember the “100 Robots Club” I started some time ago. I NEVER really got it off the ground, and never found just the right fit at the time.


But with the fun I had with the 56 Geeks Project, I figured, what the heck…let’s do a Robots Project.

This is a lot different than the 56 geeks. Each Robot has a full story, and to be honest coming up with those are as much or more fun that designing the robots themselves. And I am guessing the total number of robots is no surprise to nerds everywhere. 😉


The main plan is to do something I continue to love, but these will also be available when done in large print form, small print form, and the best news, book form.


These are just the first four, and more will come. I will try do do these between all the other commissioned projects on my plate right now. And I will of course post them here on the blog, as well as my Flickr group. 🙂