The Holiday Print Pack

Will keep this up all week for those who are interested,


Got a good christmas deal for you. For the next week only, (through Dec. 10th) I’m selling three popular prints in one inexpensive package. This offer is available for US and international folks, however, for reasons of price, shipping issues and “get stuff to people before christmas” reasons, I can’t promise shipments outside the states will arrive by the Christmas holiday. Just no way to promise it unless you wanna pay some huge international air shipment charges. 🙂

$19.95 will get you all three prints. 9×12 inch on the 56 Geeks and Old Man comic cover, and 8×10 inch on the Mario Unite print. This is a total savings of $17.00 over the normal combined price. Did I mention free USPS shipping?

While I have no way to promise pre-christmas deliveries even in the US, I can’t see any reason why they would not get there on time if ordered in the next 5 to 7 days if you live in the states.


Note: For anyone who made a purchase of any of these single items in the last week or so, let me know by email and I will get the others out to you for the difference so you can get this deal if you so please. 🙂