The Gamers Monopoly Board

Old School Monopoly

It’s a common dilema that every gamer will come across atleast once in their lifetime. What do we resort to doing when there is a power cut? You’ve unfortunately tired your handheld’s battery out thanks to all that spicey food you’ve consumed. So how do we all get our gaming fix? An eager gamer has taken his free time to create an old school gamer Monopoly board, with all the trimmings. The creator went all out and has created gaming equivalents for every part of the game including the money and the cards. The actual board productions values looks to be very high, that is until you see the user peices, houses and hotels. Looks like they ran out of creative juice when it came to creating them.

Do we have any regular Monopoly players out there? If this were to somehow hit storeselves, would you consider investing in it? Or are you just as happy with your Nintendo themed Monopoly bored?