The Friday roundup!

Decided it might be a good idea to centralize what has been happening with my stuff at large in one big post here on the EL blog. Being as spread out as things are these days, there is no real central place to check stuff out, other than this blog, since that is where most of you end up. So here is a snap shot of what you may have missed this week:

A new Experience Points comic was posted on monday. Taking a stab at the Steam on Mac news we have all been hearing so much about.

I created another edition to the somewhat new Big Foot Diaries comic, which you can see here. This installment starts a new storyline that will last a next few weeks or so. Who knew BF had such problems with this particular forrest creature? (Speaking of which, a new print featuring the big guy himself is up on the store right now.)

Catch up on Current Geek with myself and Tom Merritt, three episodes a week, and remember that we record an hour long version on the TWiT network, 6pm pst / 9pm est right here. We’ll be on again tonight!

A new episode was posted of FourCast was posted as well! Get that here.

In this weeks episode of AppSlappy, Eric and I chat about the portable gaming industry, and how it’s being effected by the iPhone and iPod Touch. Check it!

This week, on The Instance, Randy and I go into depth regarding changes to World of Warcraft brought on by the 3.3.3 patch, the looming date for this years Blizzcon, and a whole lot more. This episode clocked in at nearly 2 hours. Must be good, right?

Nerdtacular ticket registration went up! But you already know that. May 8th is gonna be fun!

Did I mention we released a new Film Sack episode this morning? If you are a fan of Heston, this is one not to miss.

This last bit is a big one! This weekend Turpster and I record our very first episode of the latest edition to the Frogpants podcast family, “Hypothetical Help“. Check out the site, and watch for season one to start Monday the 29th of March. (Next week.) Details will be found on the site for how YOU can get your questions on this crazy new show. Should be fun!